• How It Works

    Aeloi System Flowchart


    Impact Investor

    Partnership between funder and Aeloi agreed upon. Our system is customized for your project needs.



    Stakeholders vet, sign up, and train service providers. Vendor list is approved and uploaded into the Aeloi system.



    Engage users: sign up users and explain how the system works



    Users hire service providers or buy goods through Aeloi. Vendors encash tokens once services/goods are delivered

  • Our Vision

    Powering a green economy led by women-owned grassroots micro-enterprises.


    Becoming the premier impact investment platform that is

    accountable, accessible, and affordable.

  • Traditional Financing Systems

    often have the following problems:

    High administrative cost

    prevents small amounts of individual disbursements

    Aeloi is fully scaleable, with no minimum disbursements

    Lack concrete feedback

    true user preferences are hard to ascertain from M&E reports

    Aeloi provides real time data analytics on user spending behaviour


    vulnerabilities increase with the number of management levels between investors and clients.

    Aeloi transfers financing directly to users, with no in-between management

    Lack of proof

    connection between financing and outcomes can be hard to assess.

    Aeloi provides much more detailed data on spending and correlated outcomes

  • Key Advantages

    Aeloi helps with:

    Complete traceability and accountability

    Custom tokens issued only for your project: users will not be able to use project funds on other vendors which are not approved.

    Building local markets

    Local spending builds local networks of service providers. Help ensure long term sustainability after project cycle ends

    Simplifying monitoring and evaluation

    Consumer behaviour ensures spending is optimized. Real time data can help improve project delivery throughout the implementation period

    Reducing management cost

    We are a technology platform built for economies of scale to reduce costs for compliance, procurement, and logistics.

    Big data analytics powered personalized services

    With the behavioural data we collect through transactions, we'll be building machine learning algorithms to provide tailored services for our users. For example, personalized financial advice, peer-to-peer lending, or saving incentives.

  • Green Energy Mobility (GEM)

    Providing high quality public transportation powered by electric vehicles in Kathmandu. Starting with the iconic safa tempo, or electric minibus.

    Safa tempos have been providing public transportation services for twenty years, with the majority owned and operated by women. With over 700 safa tempos, Kathmandu is a green city pioneer. We aim to continue this legacy by helping safa tempo owners continually update their technology by having access to affordable finance.

    We are partnering with the Electric Vehicle Association of Nepal (EVAN) and Shree Eco Visionary Private Limited (SEV) to implement this initiative.

  • Book a Safa Tempo

    Tell us when do you have trouble finding your ride and we will help you book your safa tempo ride on your demand! 

  • ReGrow

    Agriculture product specially designed for first-time digital financial service (DFS) users

    Platform connecting users to financing and vendors to build a vibrant economy of small-scale agri-businesses

    Loans or grants issued in digital tokens

    Building trust between lenders and borrowers. Lenders can know exactly where, when, and how the funding has been spent. Borrowers are in a position of market power to demand better services from vendors.

  • Our Team

    Join us in the digital token powered micro-impact finance movement

    Sonika Manandhar

    Co-Founder | CTO

    Computer engineer with 8 years of work experience at the Microsoft Innovation Center (Nepal). Former CEO of a savings co-operative. Trained 1200+ IT students. Space Enthusiast. Singularity University alumna. LinkedIn.

    Tiffany Tong

    Co-Founder | CEO

    Data specialist and international development professional. 10 years work experience. Former World Bank consultant and Singularity University alumna. LinkedIn.

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    Project Manager

    Project Management starts from 'P' but beings with 'YOU'

    We are looking for a project manager who expects the best, plans for the worst and prepares to be surprised.

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    We are looking for a person who can be the face of our company through our hotline services. Mostly remote work.

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