• Our Vision


    Unlocking affordable impact-targeted financing

    to grow a green economy led by grassroots micro-enterprises


    Aeloi is the phonetic spelling of alloy.

    When metals are combined, all become stronger together.


  • How We Work

    We monitor the end-use of business loans using digital tokens, especially for informal sector micro-entrepreneurs

    1. (Micro)financial institutions use our software to disburse digital loans 
    2. Borrowers use the digital loans to buy from an accredited ecosystem of vendors. E.g. an agriculture loan buys goods and services from agriculture vendors only
    3. Vendors redeem tokens into cash once services/goods are delivered

  • Gaps in Traditional Financing Systems

    Lack Real-Time Feedback

    Aeloi provides real-time data analytics on user spending behaviour

    Leakage of Funds

    Aeloi transfers finances directly to users and vendors, with no cash in-between , which reduces vulnerabilities

    High Operations & Monitoring Costs

    Physically visiting borrowers to follow up on loans and manual paper reports, requires a lot of time and resources. Many microfinances report spending as much as 30% of their expenses on operations. We can help reduce such costs by up to 50%.

    High Administration Cost

    Aeloi is fully scalable and supports small amount of loans and disbursement.

  • Our Advantages

    Complete traceability and accountability

    Borrowers or fund recipients will only be able to spend the digital funds within an accredited ecosystem of vendors

    Combine public and private funding

    With our system, program funding from any source can be combined into a customized digital token and be traceable from source to end.

    Simplify monitoring and evaluation

    Real time data can help improve project delivery throughout the implementation period

    Reduce management cost

    We are a technology platform built for economies of scale to reduce costs for compliance, procurement, and logistics.

    Build local markets

    Local spending builds local networks of service providers. Help ensure long term sustainability after project cycle ends

    Services powered by data

    With detailed data, we can provide tailored approaches to each user of our platform.

  • Our Advisors

    We are supported by the following institutional partners

  • GEM is honored to be the Transportation Partner

    For OWN IT Nepal 2020 conference hosted by Women LEAD

    Aeloi partners with Mahila Sahayatra Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.

    Mahila Sahayatra is a women-focused microfinance with 35,000 members all around Nepal. We're honoured to be piloting both our agriculture and electric vehicle products with them.

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