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Aeloi's co-founder and CTO is UNEP's one of the extra ordinary example of climate leadership

Last month the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published an article 'Climate leadership for inspiration on Women’s Day and every day'. The article included six women with extraordinary climate leadership quality: Greta Thunberg, Christiana Figueres, Anne Hidalgo, Carolina Schmidt, Kibarisho Leintoi and our co-founder and CTO, Sonika Manandhar.
When asked why others should consider green entrepreneurship her answer is simple: “Because that’s the future. That’s where the money will be in the future. The impact investment sector is valued at US$502 billion, and there’s the huge problem of climate change facing us—as well as a lucrative opportunity to solve it.” - Sonika Manandhar, Cofounder and CTO of Aeloi.

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