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Building financially resilient economies for the last mile populations

COVID-19 has impacted our financial and social systems and the world over are losing their jobs and seeing their incomes and assets erode. The pandemic is, therefore, putting the financial health of individuals, communities and by implication, entire countries at stake. UNCDF and Sida had organized a webinar which talked about how a financial health lens could help us address the needs and aspirations of individuals and communities most susceptible to financial crisis in the last mile.

This webinar emphasizes on building financially resilient economies for the last mile populations. It also sheds light on the role of digital as an enabler, as well as the varied models and solutions that UNCDF is using and/or repurposing to address the financial needs of vulnerable people: particularly women and informal workers, including those in the gig economy, along with migrant labourers..

Listen to what panellists from different professional backgrounds around the globe have to say on making a financially resilient economy for the last mile population.

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