• Green Energy Mobility (GEM)

    Quality transportation powered by safa tempos.
    Make your trips to work comfortable, easy, and eco-friendly.

    This is a carpooling service where 6-8 other people going in the same direction as you will be taking the safa tempo together.
    Maximum number of passengers is 11. Minimum of 5 km per trip is required.


    Enquire about group discounts if you are booking with 5 or more passengers together.
    We welcome event bookings also. Do you have an event at a party palace and want to book transportation for your guests? We can help!

    Price: Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 per km between 8 am to 6 pm
    Payment options: cash and digital accepted

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    Contact us at (+977) 9849425041 or gem@aeloi.com

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