• ReGrow

    Agriculture product specially designed for first-time digital financial service (DFS) users

    Platform connecting users to financing and vendors to build a vibrant economy of small-scale agri-businesses


    Building trust between lenders and borrowers. Lenders can know exactly where, when, and how the funding has been spent. Borrowers are in a position of market power to demand better services from vendors. Microloans issued in digital tokens

    We are partnering with Laxmi Mahila Savings and Credit Cooperative for this pilot



  • Green Energy Mobility (GEM)

    Providing high quality public transportation powered by electric vehicles in Kathmandu. Starting with the iconic safa tempo, or electric minibus.

    Safa tempos have been providing public transportation services for twenty years, with the majority owned and operated by women. With over 700 safa tempos, Kathmandu is a green city pioneer. We aim to continue this legacy by helping safa tempo owners continually update their technology by having access to affordable finance.

    We are partnering with the Electric Vehicle Association of Nepal (EVAN) and Shree Eco Visionary Private Limited (SEV) to implement this initiative.

    To find out more about how to book a renewable energy power minibus with us, please visit here.

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